The sliding table is an option adapt when the robot cannot make charging and discharging operations between the trimming press plates. This equipment permits to charge pieces outside the working zone. The electric movement is made by a gear-motor and special guides, it permits the inferior mould sliding inside and outside the machine, approaching at the charge point. After the robot start, the sliding table moves into the machine and than comes out when trimming operation is finished. The accurate sliding guarantees the exact position of charging and discharging from the mould.


The sliding table, with integrated the table tilting 180°, is a good solution in die-casting cells where there is a minimum presence of operators. This equipment joins the sliding table and the tilting table advantages.

The sliding table, moved by hydraulic cylinders, permits at the table to enter and come outside from the trimming zone, for easily charging operations from the robot, and the electric movement of the gear-motor permits for each cycle a complete mould cleaning, with the movement 0-180°. Usually the cell is completed with a conveyer belt that collects pieces and flashes, and bring them outside the cell.


In this version the lower table holding the trimming die rotates totally (0°-180°) without translating out of the press platens.

Indeed right after the trimming operation the lower platen immediately turns without any further movement ensuring at the same time an optimal cleaning of the trimming die through the blowing system

In addition to the above described advantages the electrically operated rotation system grants an important reduction of the cycle time.


This kind of unloading device is particularly fit in difficult situation for parts unloading in automatic casting cells.

In presence of very high presses and trimming dies dimensions, it is absolutely necessary to unload the trimmed parts in a suitable position for the operator. With this device is indeed possible to reach even very high collecting points without affecting the casting cell dimensions with the introduction of slides or deceleration ramps.

UNLOADING TRAY (Hydraulic and pneumatic)

The unloading tray is a primary equipment to complete the supply of the trimming press, for pieces unloading after finishing.  It’s fixed at the structure of the press and its high can be settled, the unloading tray comes into the working zone between the 2 demi-moulds, to collect the ejected pieces. Operation can be hydrauic, pneumatic or eletric. DIESSE-PRESSE s.r.l. projects directly with the client the best solution.

The unloading tray works in the automatic production cycle and its functioning can be integrated with other options, like photocells for pieces control and weighting systems.

Hydraulic Unloading Tray

Rubber belt unloading device

Pneumatic Unloading Tray

Trimming die lubrication